Via Durini 27 (1st Floor)
20122 Milan

Opening time
17.04 - 23.04:
14.00 - 20.00

Press Preview
14.00 - 20.00


For almost 50 years, Starpool has been creating products and services for physical and mental well-being. Focussing on the individual, for a wellness as an accessible and daily practice, it creates spaces and paths alongside designers, companies and operators in the hospitality, health, sport and aesthetic sectors, and following the mission of a tailor-made wellness, it has made its way to the home, as part of everyday life. Casa Starpool is in a real open-air spa, the Val di Fiemme, from which it draws inspiration in a continuous exchange, borrowing materials, such as wood, and returning a commitment to a sustainable future, with innovative technologies of monitoring and energy saving.

MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2023: 20-minute regeneration with Starpool

An invitation to regenerate in the new Longevity Spa: a wellness experience with Zerobody Dry Float, an innovative Cryotherapy session with Zerobody Cryo with the exclusive Molecular Hydrogen Booster.
Wellness Experience on reservation: