About us

Milano Durini Design was founded in 2016 by seven major companies on Via Durini and bt architect Massimo Salamone. 

Over the years, an increasing number of companies in the city centre have applied to join the MDD association, sharing its aims of synergically redeveloping their city district and promoting shared actions for greater representation at a national and international level. 

In recent years, companies have asked that participation in Milano Durini Design be increasingly inclusive and open to brands not located in or around Via Durini. 

The Milano Durini Design association welcomed this request and shares its aims, including making the association and the city centre’s ‘Milano Design District’” more dynamic, through social and cultural involvement, with exhibitions and events throughout the year. After Design Week, there will be a larger upcoming project in which the district will be transformed into a diffused art college. 

Aims and purpose:
• promote the identity of the district and the companies/professionals in it;
• fulfil redevelopment and urban identity projects;
• encourage the relationship between stakeholders to develop synergies, co-operations and relations;
• implement collective initiatives with high social and aggregation value;
• co-ordinate the synergies between associates and institutions. 

Durini Design District Milano... Where the heart of Design beats!