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    Design Christmas Night


    17:00 - 22:00


    A Christmas evening to fully experience the magic of design and Christmas

    This year too, the Milano Durini Design association is preparing to make the Christmas atmosphere of the MILANO DESIGN DISTRICT even more engaging with special themed initiatives and extraordinary openings during the evening of Thursday 14 December 2023.

    Starting from 5.00 pm the Milan Design District will be enveloped in magic for an evening dedicated to one of the most exclusive lifestyles in the world with the aim of creating a pleasant moment of aggregation as a synergistic and auspicious sign for the city of Milan and for lovers of Design.

    You will immerse yourself in a journey that will pass through the most iconic brands of Italian Design, imbued with a magical Christmas atmosphere, in the name of exclusivity and excellence.

    We are waiting for you to celebrate with you!


    where the heart of Design beats and lives.

    Milano Design Week 2023

    From 17.04.2023

    to 23.04.2023

    With over 140,000 estimated visitors and 30,000 square meters of exhibition spaces dedicated to Interior Design among the most exclusive in the city centre, the Milano Design District, with its 41 associates, is preparing to revitalize the city center during Design Week 2023 with multiple initiatives aimed at investigating the deeper meaning of the term Design: an introspective research on the theme of URBAN METAMORPHOSIS.

    The Design product arises from innovative ideas often linked to strong moments of interaction and social change, a path of metamorphosis also dictated by external impulses that bring novelty and richness.
    From here the innovative project of "giving shape to ideas" takes shape in a process of positive metamorphosis aimed at sustainable regeneration: a city can change, improving its intimacy through the florid contribution of the world of Design and its stakeholders widespread?
    The answer intimately encompasses the very genesis of the Design product and the new challenges of living towards which we are all attentive.
    Spring, the period in which the Design Week falls, is the season of birth, awakening, flowering, it is a natural metamorphosis that expires every year the vital alternation of the seasons. With this synergy of signifiers and as many synergistic metaphorical links as a reference, the MDD district will be set up as a widespread garden in spring tones.

    The MDD evening, with extraordinary openings guaranteed until 10.00 pm, is scheduled for Thursday 04.20.2023.

    With pleasure, the Milano Durini Design association will formalize during the Design Week the award ceremony for the winning students of the graphic competition "a logo for MDD" thanks to the participation of 3 important Italian universities excellently coordinated by AIAP, the Italian Association of Visual Communication Design: ISIA of Urbino, IUAV of Venice and Polytechnic of Milan.

    Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration between all MDD associates, the hashtag MilanoDesignDistrict will be officially launched on social media, so that anyone can contribute by sending images, comments, suggestions and anything deemed useful to tell and testify what will happen this week in the MDD district.

    MDD planning will be expressed in synergy with the evolution of the city of MILAN to share definitive street furniture solutions: hence a forthcoming design process to define the urban branding lines of the MDD district.
    A unique and exclusive district of the city center that brings together the excellence of Design and its main protagonists

    where the heart of Design beats and lives.

    Press Conference

    3 April 2023

    where the heart of Design beats and lives.

    Events 2022

      Milano Design Week 2022

      As part of the Milano Design Week 2022 (from 6th to 12th June 2022) several leading companies in the sector that are members of the Milano Durini Design Association offered the results of their efforts and work to fellow professionals and the public, presenting new products against unique and evocative backdrops. This underlines the current dynamism and is an important economic commitment to the country's recovery and Milan's strategic representation internationally.

      Once again, the Milano Design District is dedicated to promoting the culture of design and the concept of ‘Made in Italy’ during Design Week. Inside the showrooms (with over 20,000 m of space devoted to the world of design) there there have been a wide range of events promoting design.

      The theme of the urban road project for the year 2022 was Life&Nature Design: an urban forest was set up in its various stages of growth with birches, hornbeams, perennial flowers and grasses.

      We wanted to place an evocative emphasis on the importance of alternating cycles and respect for the environment as part of the production process, in which every element needed to create a design product - whatever it may be - must be in harmony and balance with the others    

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