Sant Ambrogio Milano

Via Francesco Sforza 14
20122 Milan

Opening time
17.04 - 23.04:
09.00 - 19.00

Special Event
19.00 - 21.00


Founded in 2003 Santambrogiomilano is a design company that works with glass, a magical element. Our collection was born in 2004 with the first kitchen made entirely of glass (design by Ennio Arosio), over the years the company has also acquired high skills in terms of design and manufacturing process: at present it is capable of reaching 100 architectures % transparent and provide a vision of life based on a 360 ° transparent.

For the Salone del Mobile 2023, SANTAMBROGIOMILANO lights up the transparencies of its Simplicity collection (design Ennio Arosio) with a thousand colours. Glass plays with light and sends out a chromatic explosion that infuses joy and fun. And that’s when the magic happens.